Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event taking place in 2021?
Yes!  The show must go on!  On June 5th, 2021, a remote event will occur!  So, sign up your team!

When Do Races Begin?

You can begin at 9:00 am sharp, and report your team hours (Captains) by 6:00pm. 

How Many Teams Are Allowed to Compete?
As many as we can get!  

Who Can Attend this Event?
This is a family friendly event so we encourage people of all ages to attend! 

Can My Company Be A Sponsor At This Event?

You bet!  Great sponsorship opportunities are available and we provide terrific sponsor recognition prior to, during and after the event.  Call Natalie at 613-316-1185 and ask her how your company can get involved.  

Can I Raise Money Without Competing?

Yes you can! You do not have to take part in the race to raise money for the event. You will also be eligible for great prizes even if you are just part of the official cheering squad! 

How Many People Can I Have On My Team?
We recommend teams to be 6 people to be fair.

How Much of the Proceeds Raised Will Go To Christie Lake Kids?
100% of the funds will stay with Christie Lake Kids.  It’s our goal this year to raise $120,000 for our organization.  

How will Christie Lake Kids spend the money?
The revenue raised from this event goes directly to support Christie Lake Camp.  Each summer, we send nearly 400 youth to camp at no cost to families.  As you can imagine, we have to raise a lot of money to provide for a quality camp experience including transportation, food, program supplies and materials like sleeping bags and extra clothes.  

Will Prizes Be Given Out?
Of course! Special prizes like highest hours, top fundraisers!

I Don’t Have Enough People To Fill a Team.
Call us; we’ll find a team for you to be a part of or help you find teammates.  The event is so much fun that you need to be a part of it.  

Am I Allowed to Register Alone?
If you don’t have a team, call us and we’ll find you one!